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secondary containment - seamless, flexible, durable liners

It is absolutely critical to prevent the leakage of septic tanks on account of the substances involved. However, certain materials used in the construction of septic tanks are less reliable over ideal usage lifespans. For instance, concrete septic tanks can crack in as little as two decades and steel tanks can rust in an even shorter time span.

Polyurea can eliminate these seepage vulnerabilities by being spray-applied over the surfaces of such tanks. In concrete applications, the elastomeric and cavity-filling properties of polyurea counteract any tendency for cracking. With steel applications, a waterproof coating of polyurea can prevent rust altogether.

As with septic systems, the sewer system at large can benefit from polyurea containment. Polyurea can be used to coat the inside of manholes and pipes, as well as to line wells, basins and reservoirs. Polyurea can be spray-applied directly to the surfaces of pipes, or applied to a geotextile membrane in a lining application.

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