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secondary containment - seamless, flexible, durable liners

oil spill - fossil fuel containmentThe secondary containment of oil is employed situations where oil is stored, in order to prevent spills, or to counteract the propensity of machinery to leak oil.


Often in mining operations, oil will need to be kept on-site in a temporary, or even permanent, man-made pond known as an oilfield pit. These oil pits must be lined to adhere to federal and state regulations, as well as for the welfare of the environment.

Polyurea makes an excellent liner for these types of oil containment applications. Polyurea can be spray-applied to any geotextile substrate or even the earth itself. Either method of application results in a seamless, monolithic layer of impermeable containment.

Other oil-storage situations call for oil to be kept in tanks, which can range from the size of a footlocker to the size of a house. These tanks are kept in areas protected by berms. Polyurea can be used in the secondary containment of these tanks by coating these berms, which can be permanent installations made of concrete or temporary installations made of metal or polymer. Either way, a seamless, continuous polyurea coating greatly offsets the tendency for concrete to crack and for metal to rust.


Most machinery contain oil to lubricate their moving parts, and all such machinery will naturally leak oil over the course of their lifespan. This includes machines of all shapes, sizes and purposes, from heavy trucks to transformers.

A typical application might include a shallow berm on which a heavy-duty vehicle is parked. Or, a permanent oil-containing fixture like a substation might require an in-ground liner in its surrounding area. Polyurea can be utilized in both scenarios, as it can be spray-applied to a wide variety of substrates to form a seamless, monolithic barrier.

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